Our food

Koong puts a great deal of thought and effort into crafting unique recipes, ensuring that her standards of freshness and flavor go into every dish.    She has a dedicated team of 4 full time  chefs who prepare everything to order.  Like it spicy?  We can do that!  In addition to more familiar items like Pad Thai and Red Curry, you will want to try our hand-made Northeast style sausages (Sai Grog Isan), or Thai Papaya salad spiced to your level.  We have a large selection   of gluten free and vegan safe dishes, and can customize many dishes to accommodate special dietary needs.   Fresh whole snapper is available every days, so  come share a big fish family style!


Owner Arinchaya, known by her nickname "Koong, " was born in the  Northeast region of Thailand known as Isan.   Raised  on the family farm in Sisaket Province close to the Cambodian and Laos borders, she grew up in modest surroundings where rice farming is the main source of income for many people in the region.  Thanks to the initiatives of His Majesty, the late King Bhumipol Adulyaded, to improve the lives of Isan people through education, social programs, and public works,  Koong was among the first generation of Isan youth  to attend new public universities in the largely rural northeast.  Koong  earned a bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering  from Suraranee University of Technology and went on to work for 10 years in Thailand prior ot moving to the United States.

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Celebrating Our 9th  year serving Sarasota!

Lunch Mon-Sat 11:00 to 3:00

Dinner Mon-Thu 3:00 to 8:00 | Fri-Sat 3:00 to 8:30

Sunday - Dinner menu all day Noon to 8:00 pm 

Isan Specialties

  • Larb, Nam Clook, & Yum  Salad
  • Golden Triangle
  • ​Moo Tod
  • Crying Tiger Ribeye Steak
  • ​Duck Noodle Soup
  • Sai Grog and Sai Auor
  • Kao Soi Northern Style Noodle
  • Fresh Roll
  • Young Fresh Thai Coconut

  • Mango Sticky Rice